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Interested in joining the Tutor Olive team as a student? Want to learn how to join the Tutor Olive team as a student? Refer to our 4-Step Guide below so you can learn how to start getting on the road to success!

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To become a part of the Tutor Olive Team as a student, all you have to do is fill out the Student Application on the 'Applications' page of our site. Within three business days, you will receive a confirmation email from us, introducing potential tutors for you (the student).

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Communication is the most significant part of a tutor-student relationship. When involving third-party sites to communicate with a tutor, it can get frustrating- jumping back and forth between websites. To eliminate that frustration, Tutor Olive has its students and tutors create member accounts on the official Tutor Olive site to make communication and organization easier! Students and tutors can create member accounts by clicking on the 'Login' button on the upper right corner of our website then clicking 'Sign Up' in the middle of the screen. We ask that both students and tutors keep their accounts Public so that they can communicate with others.

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Finding the right tutor can be hard- and it can also be hard when someone 'assigns' you to work with a specific tutor, especially when that tutor is someone that doesn't understand your needs. That is why we give our students options. Based on application responses, the Tutor Olive team-best determines which tutors could fulfill the student's needs. The names of these potential tutors are emailed to the student. After the student views each candidates' profile on the members' page, they have the opportunity to reject the candidates- or choose one of the candidates. If they were to reject the candidates, the Tutor Olive team will give out more potential tutors to the student, OR the student can pick its tutor, based on their needs.

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Once the student has settled on a tutor, they can get started by contacting the Tutor Olive team and letting them know who they wish their tutor to be. Then, the student can begin communicating with the tutor in the chatbox, located on the lower right corner of every page of the Tutor Olive website. When kicking off the student-tutor relationship, both should decide when to meet (Day/Time) and should determine if they would like to meet weekly, bi-weekly, etc. The whole point of this is to come up with a stable schedule. Based on that schedule, lessons start and continue until the student wishes to unenroll or change their tutor.

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