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Once you have filled out the application, Tutor Olive will email you a potential tutor (based on your responses) with their credentials that you can approve and/or deny. Afterward, you will create an account on Tutor Olive so you can communicate with your tutor in our chat room located on the Members page.  Thank you for choosing Tutor Olive to help your child on their academic journey. :)

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The application is just for the Tutor Olive team to determine what you would like to teach. Your application will be approved based on availability and demand for tutors. 
**NOTE** If you choose to apply to teach multiple subjects you might only get approval to teach some of the subjects depending on availability and demand of the subjects.

Which subject(s) would you like to teach?
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Fill out this form if you would like to join an Executive position at Tutor Olive

Please fill out the following form to get started as an Executive volunteer here at Tutor Olive. Note that despite status, these types of volunteers do NOT get paid. Executive positions are only available to those above Grade 9.   Currently, we have the following positions available:

  • Hiring Assistant (recruits, and runs application process of potential tutors and students)

  • Pairing Manager (pairs students with tutors)

  • Social Media Director (manages and runs Tutor Olive social media pages)

  • Social Media Content Creator (creates content with Social Media Director)


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